Picture journalism or journalistic pictures ?

  The - Photojournalist - genre has during its short existence, developed
a wide spirit of originality, generally formed by a great sense of humanity,
largely thanks to a cosmopolitically quite conscious photojournalist group.
  One may include some or other highly talented photojournalist, like e.g;
  Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Lennart Nilsson, Eugene Smith,
Margaret Bourke-White, all of whom received with marked appreciation,
far exceeding the photojournalist domain. The talent and photojournalist
experience to see and properly evaluate the moments of explanation,
will in their narration be particularly significant.
  We are today offered a flow of news-pictures,
day and night, from all around the world,
at an increasingly rapid tempo.
  Therefore it feels especially important,
also to bring into focus, a tradition of
descriptive photojournalism, with
just the pictures of the decisive
moment, as expression.
  "Le moment décisif".
  Then, the central
theme of the image
in • Journal reflex •